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420 in Vegas Podcast

As an former army brat, army veteran, and drug dealer who’s lived all over the world, Xavier Smith has a unique perspective on many different subjects. Xavier is the founder and host of the 420 In Vegas Podcast which is a weekly show with a smoked out take on sports, music, pop culture, and any and everything that comes up. 

  Originally born in Fort Campbell, Kentucky where his father was stationed, Xavier grew up moving every few years when his father received new duty assignments. After attending several schools in Texas, Tennessee, and Indiana throughout his formative years, he ended up in Seoul, Korea at Seoul American high school from 10th grade to graduation. After graduation it was off to the Army where he was stationed at Fort Gordon GA, K-16 Korea, Fort Benning GA, Kaiserslautern Germany, and Fort Hood Texas, in that order over the course of 13 very interesting years.

 After getting out the army, Xavier had a very lucrative three year stint as a street pharmacist in Killeen Texas. This three years was basically one long party that ultimately ended after a 22 month vacation courtesy of the Texas Department of Corrections. After that wake up call, his drug dealing days were more or less over.

After being released from prison in 2008, he moved to Las Vegas where his family had been living since 1992. With a renewed focus he attended the electrical apprenticeship and became an electrician then subsequently bought a house and settled down into a regular suburban life. With the interesting life he’s lead so far, he has a unique viewpoint on many different subjects that he intends to share with the listeners on his podcast.

Ramon A. Smith known Professionally as RaSun aka RaScoop, is a Podcast Host and Instagram Personality… He is the Co-Host of two Las Vegas Podcasts, The 5th Element HipHop Show and The 420inVegas Podcast… The 5th Element HipHop was Voted The Best New HipHop Podcast in Las Vegas in 2022. Born in Italy and Graduating High school in Seoul, Korea, RaSun’z Music Ear is Very Eclectic….


Khris is the creator and solo host of Shenanigans with Friends Podcast, a hilariously informative show where we hear her take on the not-so-well-known news stories we didn’t know we were missing out on. Khris also co-hosts All Doc’d Up and 4:20 in Vegas podcasts, and is one-fifth of the podcast collective, Podcast Happy Hour. Khris holds a Journalism degree from the University of Nevada-Reno and her time spent hosting one of the university’s student radio shows helped to cultivate Khris’ ability to captivate and entertain her audience. Khris is also a Certified Mixologist in Las Vegas, and is the founder of KOD Bartending. When she isn’t creating content, you can find Khris creating memories for her clients as she curates her fun and delicious drinks!